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Wii 480p looks good to me

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Originally Posted by Chris Gerhard View Post
Funny, with time shifting, why would you not just watch the tape at the highest quality and reuse it?
Because I was young and stupid. It was not until later (mid-90s) when I acquired a better TV, and then I could see how poor SLP/EP recordings looked compared to SP.

As for other people I know (brother, niece, roommate), they just don't care about quality. They record everything in SLP/EP, even home movies.

Originally Posted by BobY View Post
It's not that consumers don't care about picture quality, rather they balance picture quality with other priorities. They put different values on different things.

The longer recording time issue was straightforward. RCA told SONY "If it can't record a whole football game on one tape, we're not interested". Simple. RCA knew lots of Americans would choose a video recorder that could time shift a whole football game over one that didn't.

The silly thing was, nobody was forcing anyone to use EP mode, it was simply an option they could choose when needed. SONY refused to offer that option to RCA because, in SONY's estimation, the picture quality would not be acceptable. This is yet another example of SONY's arrogance toward consumers, not offering a feature consumers desire because in SONY's estimation it's not good enough--basically imposing their values on consumers and ultimately paying the price for their arrogance.
Well said.

Sony was acting like Chris Gerard. Chris says he (and his friends) think SLP/EP was a waste. But that's only THEIR opinion, and not the opinion of the majority who clearly prefered the 4 hour RCA/VHS tapes (even with a slight blurring) to the 1 hour Betamax tapes.

That's why even today my family members and roommates still insist upon using SLP/EP despire my efforts to get them to switch to higher quality. They want more tape. They want more value & more hours per dollar.

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