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Originally Posted by 1953
What's your opinion of Dish Network as an alternative to DTV?
Dish has a history of negotiating for the best price for channels, and stone-walling the broadcasters. Negotiations run long, and Dish tells its viewers that they want to keep their costs low, when we might be talking about less than $1/month per subscriber. In the past 3 years they lost the CBS channels for several days when no agreement was reached. Just in the past few weeks, they've had a stalemate with another broadcasting group that owns affiliates of all the networks, in a variety of cities.

Sometimes the stalemates are over simple cost-of-carriage; sometimes it's over the channels bundled into a group (can't get CBS if you don't take these other cable-like channels too).

It may be good fiscal policy, but it's got to stink to turn on a channel that worked yesterday, and find out it was dropped b/c Dish didn't want to pay for it.

Here's an example: I live in the greater-NYC area. Several years ago the Yankees formed YES and moved their programming there. DirecTV was the first org to carry YES. Some NYC cable companies didn't carry it right away, and DirecTV picked up some 50k customers in a month. Now most cable companies have it. Dish never did and still doesn't. FYI: my bill didn't increase when YES was added to Total Choice.

My opinion of Dish: good if you want overseas programming; otherwise they don't act in the subscriber's best interest.
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