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Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
There was no need to repeat yourself.
I heard you the first time.

I think you're wrong in your assertion. Perhaps the people you hang-out with are all videophiles, but the people I know don't care about quality. Everybody I know uses SLP/EP speed:
- my brother
- my niece
- my other niece
- my roommate
- my old dormmate
- and of course, me

So yes I think the ability of the 1976 RCA vcr to record in Long Play mode (~4 hours) was a major factor in consumers' choice to eschew Beta's limited length (~1 hour). Of course Beta eventually stretched that to 5 hours, but it was too late, because VHS was already offering 10 hours per tape.

Time was the deciding factor. Not quality (consumers just don't care).
Funny, with time shifting, why would you not just watch the tape at the highest quality and reuse it? Of course for a given program that was over the maximum SP time, then a slower speed was necessary, but when the recording would fit on a tape, why not use SP. Surely everybody could tell the huge difference between SLP (EP) and SP. I sure refused to use it and don't know anybody personally that I believe used it often.

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