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Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
I have been using a Super VHS vcr in highest-speed mode. The picture quality is not HD, but still very very good.

My Digital VHS vcr also produces very high-quality images (similar to a dvd capture of live television).

I have an ATSC-to-NTSC converter tied to both VCRs via the S-cable.

From what I've read, recording MPEG-4 is as easy as dumping the signal to the VCR (via the firewire), and then playing it back through the receiver or tv, which will automagically decode the MPEG-4 data.

Is that how it works?
Show me even one TV with firewire that has an MPEG-4 decoder or show me even one decoder with firewire input that can decode MPEG-4 or show me even one D-VHS VCR with an MPEG-4 decoder and then show me one source that can output MPEG-4 over firewire and I will try to get my hands on a combination to check it out. All ATSC signals are MPEG-2 so far to the best of my knowledge and all D-VHS VCR's that decode only include an MPEG-2 decoder and all firewire sources that work with a D-VHS VCR that I am aware of only output MPEG-2. If any part of my understanding is incorrect, I have not seen the proof nor have I seen anybody respond with the requests I just made of you.

To save you any wasted time, like the time I asked you to find the Hi-8 or 8MM tape that wasn't metal particle or evaporated metal you said existed, I would suggest you don't even bother at this point, I don't think any MPEG-4 to D-VHS solution exists other than through a PC and conversion to MPEG-2. I am sure not ever going to mess with that.

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