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Originally Posted by junehhan View Post
Quality of gas is always going to play a huge role. This is why I think California's use of that 15% crap Cali RFG may not be providing the benefits they think it is. Whenever I fill up at a station that doesn't offer pure petrol and blends Ethanol, I always notice my mileage taking a significant dip. I think it is great that they feel they need to bow to the agricultural special interests, but what is the use of using a fuel blend that reduces polution, but increases fuel consumption? Isn't this essentially solving one problem by creating another?
Does California use the 15% Ethanol mix, is that what you are referring to?

If that is the case then the reason you see the dip in gas mileage is because Ethanol has only 72% of the energy of 100% gasoline, it takes 1.5 gallons of Ethanol to go as far as 1 gallon of gasoline, that is why you see a drop in fuel economy when using it and if your car is not a FlexFuel car then you also see the same percentage of horsepower drop only FlexFuel designed cars get the same horsepower from E85 as gasoline.

And Ethanol will never replace gasoline, it would take every usable acre of farmland (right now they're using around 20%) in the US to produce enough Ethanol to replace gasoline and diesel for use in every vehicle we now drive and because the Ethanol plants now are using coal instead of natural gas to power the plants to produce Ethanol, they actually produce more greenhouse/ozone damaging particulates then the gasoline/diesel they would produce. And never mind the increased corn production alone and it's resulting increase in fertilizer, pesticides and water that is used to grow it would pollute the groundwater and continue to flow down river into the Gulf of Mexico where it is producing a growing dead zone (right now the size of New Jersey) where nothing can live, no fish, shrimp, mollusks , that will completely destroy the fishing industry along the Gulf of Mexico and cost it billions upon billions of lost revenue to the local economies.

Ethanol is a nice idea, but ultimately a failed theory/method to replace petroleum products to run our national economy and transportation needs.

It is just getting so much attention is because our political leaders see it as a great buzz word to help in their re-elections and they don't know anything about it other than that it makes them look motivated to protect the enviroment.
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