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What's all this, then?...
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Wow Chris, your Blu Filter is so intense I'm not sure anything can penetrate it intact.

You attribute so many opinions to me in your last post that have absolutely nothing to do with anything I've ever said that I'm at a loss to address them all. You really don't listen to people's points, you instantly misinterpret them into what you want to think they are saying and then respond with something that has nothing to do with what was said.

I really can't be bothered to correct your multiple incorrect representations of my comments. Anyone who has read my previous posts knows what I think on these various topics.

I'll simply leave you with this:

No PS3 owner (except maybe you) is afraid to buy BD discs because of the format war. They are not concerned if their PS3 dies and there are no more Blu-Ray players on the market, that they will be stuck with unplayable movies any more than they are concerned if their PS3 dies and there are no more game consoles on the market that plays PS3 games, that they will be stuck with unplayable games.

If they were worried about that, they wouldn't have bought a PS3 in the first place, knowing full well the PS3 may fail (as it is failing against the XBox 360 and Wii) and that any future replacement for the PS3 will not likely play PS3 games any more than the current PS3's play PS2 games.

Maybe I don't speak for PS3 owner's, but it's certain you don't (you said you haven't even tried gaming with it yet!) and every metric one could possibly use to measure the PS3 proves that.
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