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Originally Posted by jjufon View Post
This is an FCC law in place NOW; not in the future.
The reason why it isn't a sticky is because you're mistaken. The currently regulations only require in-the-clear carriage of local broadcast digital channels if the channel itself only broadcasts in digital, or if the subscriber is paying a separate HD package charge.

Originally Posted by somerandomguy View Post
... can you direct me to where i can see it in print?
Good thinking. This is all the regulations currently say about this:
Originally Posted by FCC
A commercial television station, broadcasting in both formats during the transition period, may choose must carry or retransmission consent for its analog signal and retransmission consent for its digital signal. A DTV-only commercial television station may elect either retransmission consent or must carry.
So cable companies aren't even required to carry the digital channel if they don't want to.

Seriously, your best bet is to just talk to the engineer honestly, asking your question straight-out. If you try going in with an attitude that he owes you something, especially since he doesn't, but even if he really did, you're much less likely to get an advantageous reply.

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