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Default HD-DVD closer to acceptable price


I own two HD-DVD players - both A2's, so I agree that HD-DVD is close to what Joe Public will pay for the player price. My second was purchased at Walmart for $90 when they had their early Black Friday sale.

The movies are another matter. Right now I am ordering from Amazon, which saves some from BB (which is more expensive and I pay sales tax). But new movies come out at BB for $16 or so during release week compared to mid $20's or higher for HD-DVD movies. Too much for Joe Public right now.

You made the comment "BD made several crucial errors in their technological road map which would condemn them forever to niche status." I am would love to hear a little more about this - the reason I joined this forum was to learn.

BTW, I am very happy with my HD-DVD player. My latest purchase (the Bourne trilogy) is outstanding in high def. Stardust is on the way from Amazon and should be in late next week.
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