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My plasma is High Def.

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Originally Posted by bicker View Post
I'm not sure, and it might be different in different areas, but generally the filters/traps they put in place aim for 650 MHz rather than 300 MHz. You'd have to check with folks in your local area who have basic service to see whether traps are used, and if so, what frequency they're trapping beyond.

Keep in mind that, although Comcast is not required to pass through HD locals in-the-clear until February 2009 (or until the local channel itself goes digital-only, whichever comes first), their corporate policy is to do so. Most Comcast systems are complying with that policy, so theoretically you should be okay with what you planning, and after February 2009 you'll surely be okay with what you're planning.
ok, i've been in email contact with Comsouth's head engineer. You think he'd give me a straight answer if i asked that in a round-about-way without actually telling him we're switching to satellite?

Ya know what? the box is out front and open. I've already taken a look at it and it's a Scientific Atlanta AS-SGPDU-C2/4 part number 738447D. There's a little screw on the top for each of the four connectors outputs. I wonder if it's for the filter. I could turn the one for our house and see what happens.

You are probably right when you say they aim for 650MHz but i think that our cable company filters out around 300MHz. The basic cable stops at channel 13 which is at 211MHz. Channel 14 is UHF and is at 471MHz. I don't know how they do but either way, the local high def channels are located at 50.1,50.3,51.1, and 51.3 which are around 690MHz. So, even if they are unencrypted, i don't know if those frequencies will get through with a filter.
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