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Originally Posted by BobY View Post
Them I'm compelled to ask the age-old unanswered question (unanswered by you, although I've asked it several times):

If Millions of people own PS3's and the majority of them have them hooked to an HDTV (as per your other post) and people are interested in Hi-Def discs, then why aren't BD sales dramatically better than they are? 7 Million BD players, 380 BD titles, 4 Million BD discs sold, average sales of 10,000 discs per their an adjective that means "much worse than abysmal"?

Hint: It has nothing to do with the format war, these are people who already own a Blu-Ray player (PS3) and already hooked it up to an HDTV. If they aren't buying BD discs it's because they are not interested in buying BD discs, not because they are scared off by the format war.

I have answered that question a number of times, don't say I haven't. It is my belief that owners of the PS3 won't buy many Blu-ray discs until the format war ends. There is a reluctance to buy software for a format that might not survive. The PS3 continues to peform as a game console and media server if the Blu-ray video disc dies. Nobody wants to be stuck with a format that once the player dies, the software is unplayable. I got stuck with Q-8 Track, Quad Open Reel, Quad LP, Beta, and then purchased a fleet of SACD/DVD-A players to be safe and I am sure not planning on getting stuck with Blu-ray. Format war ends, Blu-ray wins, I will buy software and so will many other PS3 owners, hardware to play the software will be forthcoming, no further concerns.

The Blu-ray discs I own are the 15 free from PS3 purchase and most of the balance buy one get one free which caused me to overcome my lack of willingness to buy software. I have been through this too many times and if Blu-ray prevails, as I believe they will, things change for me and many others like me.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but your hint is nothing more than you opinion, certainly not true for me and many others I know and communicate with, and that is a lot of people on the various forums.

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