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Originally Posted by tipstir View Post
But you live in Florida and your gas is treated differently that it is in the Northern States. You actually get better gas mileage. Come up North and you'll average 30MPG. Those who I know own the vehicle you drive tell me this is what they get. When I drive my V6 3.2L down to South Florida, my mileage goes up.
Quality of gas is always going to play a huge role. This is why I think California's use of that 15% crap Cali RFG may not be providing the benefits they think it is. Whenever I fill up at a station that doesn't offer pure petrol and blends Ethanol, I always notice my mileage taking a significant dip. I think it is great that they feel they need to bow to the agricultural special interests, but what is the use of using a fuel blend that reduces polution, but increases fuel consumption? Isn't this essentially solving one problem by creating another?
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