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Originally Posted by SLedford View Post

My move to a Honda Fit was from old technology (gasoline combustion engine) to old technology. The fuel savings are due to the size and design of the auto rather than the introduction of new technology.

Two reasons that I stayed away from the current hybrids (gasoline & electric) is that they are still new technologies with no real track record, and the initial cost of the vehicle is much higher than a comparable gasoline powered auto.

If the batteries fail 8 years down the road and cost $5k to replace, this could very well eliminate any fuel savings by the owner. For example, assume my Fit gets 35 MPG and the hybrid gets 50 MPG. Assume I drive 12,000 miles per year and that gasoline costs $3.00. My hybrid fuel bill is $720, my Honda Fit fuel bill $1,028, a savings of $308 per year for the hybrid, or $2,464 over the 8 year period in my example above. And that doesn't factor in the extra $10-15k cost for the hybrid vehicle in the first place.

I may get some "hate mail" on this, but I think that there is a lot more "feel good" benefit to the hybrid owner than actual benefit to the environment. At the same time, we will eventually have to replace gasoline, so it is important to look at other options.
I won't give you any "hate mail" I understand your opinion but, I will correct a couple of highlighted examples above.

Total cost of replacement for the entire battery system electric power system on a Hybrid Civic is just over $1200 including labor and they are warrantied for 8 years 100,000 miles and Honda expects the system to last at least 10 years 150,000 miles.

And where your Fit (a wonderful car by the way) is around $14,585 to $15,400 depending on the trim level and transmission and since there is only a little over $600 mark-up from cost to MSRP.

The Honda Hybrid Civic is around

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