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Originally Posted by tomes View Post
Who's BobY by the way? I haven't heard any reference to this person until now.

I believe about 50% of PS3 owners has at least played ONE blu-ray movie on it. (Heck, several editions came with free movies, such as Talladega Nights, Casino Royale, Spiderman 3 - why would the NOT try it?)

Furthermore I believe 30-40% have tried a few.

I think probably 20% have watched many, and of those, probably at least half (or 10% of the total ps3 owners) bought it primarily for Blu-Ray playback.

I know several people and they all use it a lot for playback. Of course, I'm in my thirties, so someone in their 20s may play more game.

I do think it is funny though that HDDVD fans first make fun of the "appaling lack of games" on the platform, so "obviously they don't buy it for the games", yet they apparently don't know what Blu-Ray is . What exactly do people think the PS3 is used for?????

In the end it does not matter. If Warner sells considerably more discs on Blu-Ray than on HDDVD, there is a good chance they go that way, or vice versa, if HDDVD sells considerably more, they'll go that way. Software Sales is what counts...
Good post, well thought out and balanced, we need more like this.

But really, you haven't heard of BobY, he has posted almost 4000 times on this forum and is probably the best of all the posters with technical information and explainations?

Read some of his postings if you want knowledge and not hype.
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