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Originally Posted by Chris Gerhard View Post
You want to use 20%, go ahead, I can't find any evidence that is the correct ratio. The only certain percentage I know is that 100% of PS3 consoles sold are capable of playing Blu-ray. I do not know how many have been used, but my analysis that either Blu-ray has a much higher attach rate or the PS3 is being used quite often for Blu-ray is true. I choose to believe the PS3 is being used quite often and about 40% of PS3 owners have used it for Blu-ray. I choose to believe the average PS3 owner owns an HDTV or he wouldn't own a PS3.

Warner is aware of the PS3 capabilities and marketshare and the PS3 is going to be consideration is my opinion and the HD DVD enthusiasts that try to state otherwise are not going to change that opinion. The PS3 is so significant, I believe it will be an important factor in the decision and Warner will decide to turn Blu after consideration of all factors and all offers.

Keep posting Chris. Me values your insight immensly. You continue to keep yourself above the childish tirade aimed at you. You and meself differ a bit in our opine, but we still seek the same outcome. Me owns both formats - HD DVD suffices as a home viewer of movies that are available. BD suffices as a home viewer of movies plus it doubles as a powerful burner - much cheaper than HD DVD offers. Sony also has great software tailored to BD burning. Toshiba offers a super expensive laptop - with software tailored to DVD burning (lmao when me learned this). Last but not least, have you visited your local WalMart, Target, CC & BB to see what is offered concerning movies and HD writables? BluRay is on the shelves!!!! HD DVD is shrinking daily in this holiday season!
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