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Originally Posted by Madhatter View Post
You state this:

And then the all knowing Boby stated:

And then again Unotis stated:

So, who is right? Are the PS3 owners buying discs, or not? Wish you all would get your stories straight.
I will enlighten you tomorrow, as I have some fascinating data (from Blu-Ray sources themselves) which demonstrates pretty clearly the actual number of PS3 owners who buy BD movies on a regular basis is *far* below 20%.

This would help explain the need for continual BD BOGOs and discounts to maintain the illusion that BD sales are signifcantly stronger than HD DVD sales.

BTW, I don't understand your confusion with my previous statement. It doesn't matter if even 50% of PS3 owners buy one BD out of curiosity, if they don't plan on buying them on an ongoing basis, the studios aren't paying any attention to them.
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