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Originally Posted by somerandomguy View Post
I live in Perry, Ga and have Comsouth Cable. Long explanation short. I'm looking to go to satellite because of the lack of HD channels in addition to the expense of the HD/digital service and boxes(two HD and three analog tvs). The issue with getting satellite is that between distance(30 to 40+ miles from local transmitters) and the trees around the house, it would be very difficult to impossible to pick up the High Def local channels. The SXRD's tuner can pick up unencrypted digital channels. So, as of right now, i can get the locals with just the extended(non-digital) cable service. I'm also not happy with the dsl service that i have and would love to get cable internet.

So, my question is. Do you guys think that i would be able to subscribe to just basic cable and still be able to pick up the local high defs(50.1,50.3,51.1,51.3)? Those channels are UHF so my fear is that when they put the blocker on to keep the UHF from coming through, i'd lose the ability to pick them up.

Or, do you think that i might be able to just subscribe to cable internet and still be able to pick those up.

If Comsouth is like Comcast here in Chicago, the yes you will be able to pick up your locals in HD with basic cable. I am confused however that you mentioned a "blocker" that would keep the UHF from coming through? Not sure what you mean by that. And if you receive your locals in HD from basic cable, it won't matter if they're UHF or VHF. You won't be getting them OTA, but from Comsouth.

One other point, if you're going with satellite Directv or Dish may carry your locals in HD and you won't even need the basic cable from Comsouth. Just an idea.

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