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Originally Posted by brianh View Post
Everytime I see Chris' name I just laugh.

Your posts have become jokes, my friend.

Of course you won't understand that, but trust me it's true.

A joke is the group here that sees the pathetic HD DVD sales as anything other than what it means and that is worldwide the format has already failed. Only the couple hundred that rally here with nonsense about how some secret plan exists to make HD DVD successful and how that plan is always on the horizon can't see the obvious. It is low priced players, then it is DVD/HD DVD dual format discs, then it is low priced players again, then it is dual format players, Blu-ray/HD DVD that will propel HD DVD to success. Do you believe any figures I stated in my post intended to be humorous are false? Do you believe HD DVD has any chance whatsoever to sell as well as Beta?

I don't know what Blu-ray will do yet, but tiny niche status or worse is all that HD DVD can do.

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