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Originally Posted by Dare View Post
That would have been nice, but I didn't get any information from the forums, except that HDCP was going to be a gremlin. I relied entirely on my experience with building computers. But I never had any trouble with knowing what to do. All my trouble came from weeding through the misleading hardware specs, omissions, and crippled software. There was a lot of resistance to my project. It seems the man doesn't want people watching HDM with PCs, and he's doing everything he can to make it difficult.

But, like I said, unlike the OP, my machine works.
HDCP coupled with HDMI will remain to be a pain. Me resignation is that if component + toslink won't handle it, me won't watch it. If me has to use DVI, it be fine, but no benefit over component that me can see (other than a single cable). Do you notice a very slow response from anything that you use coupled with HDMI?
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