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Originally Posted by mshulman
Regardless of whether it should be necessary or not, noone would have these problems if they picked up an extended warranty. The $50-60 I spent when I bought my 360 originally was the best $50-60 ever spent. When mine failed, I swapped it out at Best Buy, got a new unit (this time with HDMI) and paid $7 for another 2 year warranty.
Complete bullshit. I consider it an insult, and a joke, to PAY a third party to protect my investment from manufactures defects...ESPECIALLY in a Billion Dollar industry. Did M$ send you a tube of K-Y Jelly after you paid BB for that extended warranty?

Originally Posted by mshulman
I think a recall would have been good, but how long would that take to get everyone a new unit? Being realistic, I think a recall would have been very difficult to do and in many cases unnecessary.
Doesnt matter how much or how long it takes when its the right thing to do.

Originally Posted by mshulman
Extending the warranty to 3 years was the right thing to do. Gaming is not a necessity, so it stands to reason if someone is out their console for a few weeks, its not the end of the world. I think MS is doing what they can and need to in order to resolve the issue - so long as units they are replacing are not failing.
Its more than gaming. And, thats a BIG part of the problem, customers are often inconvenienced more than once. Guess this tread officially needs this video of repeat returns:

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