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Originally Posted by drbrosco View Post
If you want one for the holidays do what I am doing;

my xbox died a couple weeks ago. I went to Wal Mart & bought the XBOX 360 Arcade version & put my HDD on it. When I get my refurbed or hopefully new 360 back I will take the one I bought at walmart back as you have 30 days to return it & get my $$$ back. That is if I don't decide to keep it

I have heard alot of people are getting new 360's back. How true that is I don't know but i have heard & read it a few times.
good idea, i did this with my first broken ps2 back before companies started changing the SKU. back then you could purchase a gaming console then if it broke simply return it to walmart without a reciept and get a new system. but they figured that out and started switching the SKU every X ammout of months so they would know the period in which you bought the system. i also did that with my sega dreamcast just to get a new one.
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