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Why don't people understand recalls? Do you guys seriously not get it?

Microsoft has admitted there was a problem with their machine and spent upwards of $1 billion to help remedy that situation by providing three (3) years of warranty service for your Xbox 360 (Sony and Nintendo give you 90 days). Why didn't they recall? Because recall's are typically used when an item could be potentially dangerous and the last time I checked, nobody has died from the RRoD.

I am seriously confused about how you feel "abused". Did Microsoft go over to your house and beat you or molest you? What the hell do you want Microsoft to do? They have already added another heatsink and put in a smaller CPU for free. . . will it work? Nobody knows yet as far as I can tell.

I understand people get angry because their machines stop working on em, and I fully believe people should stand up to corporations who abuse them and tell them to fuck-off. These kinds of corporations should be shut down. Microsoft, however, is not one of those corporations. If your system breaks, they don't tell you to shove-off, they send you a box and you send them your Xbox, you wait a couple-3 weeks, and then you get a brand new Xbox (I got a new one). Its a harmless process, and all you have to do it wait a few weeks. You'll live through it, I promise.

P.S. How did you spend $280 on Rock Band. The whole thing is only $180, and you can't buy any accessories short of a GHII 360 guitar for $60. . .
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