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For every letter thats written to one company, theres one identical one written to the company you believe to love. THATS because Ive once written a very similar letter to cablevision. Not in one million years will I ever go back to cabelvision. I'll set up a pair of rabbit ears before that happens. My wonderful experience started with them when a technician came to my address and actually stole my drop wire for a neighbor because he was too lazy to run his own. This followed by a couple missed technician appointments as you express.

Personally, I think direcTV's customer service has been satisfactory aside from their varying (mis)information on the problems with the H10 reciever. When I threatened to leave, they gave me a great deal to stay. The two technician visits Ive had were very proffesional and on time. They gave me a phone call before arriving.

My area is serviced by actual DirectTV employees (they had directTV vans) . One would have to believe that across the country, there are many areas that are contracted out. Its a huge country for one company to cover borders to shores. There are contractors that serve all satellite services. Sensibly, service by these techs wouldnt be nearly as good as directTV employees, perhaps thats your situation.

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