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Sorry Chris, I was responding to Colorado54's post not yours, and yes, I'm asking if he's kidding.

Given the choice between a game console and a standalone DVD player, the average American consumer chooses a standalone DVD player by over a 2:1 margin (which equates to over 100 million units) and chooses a standalone DVD player over a PS3 by two orders of magnitude (or over 250 Million units), so no, the average American consumer does not consider the PS3 a bargain, nor inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination. It's certainly an impressive machine and a good value if you want something that does what the PS3 does, which most American consumers do not.

Will the average American consumer find an under $150 HD DVD player which also upscales their existing DVD library to be a bargain? To soon to tell, but they surely won't find a BD player or the PS3 to be a bargain and the low sales of standalone BD players along with the continual missing of sales projections and subsequent price cuts for the PS3 make that pretty obvious.

If BD expects to pin all their hopes on the PS3, then BD is guaranteed to fail with the average consumer--only a percentage of PS3 owners have HDTV's and only a percentage of those are buying Blu-Ray movies, hence the poor sales rate of BD discs with respect to the number of BD players in the field.
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