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Go Blu-ray!
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Default HD Bottom Line -

When a consumer can purchase a game system (PS3), that also plays Blu-ray format DVD's, that saves/stores picture and video files, that can connect to your wireless network allowing internet surfing, along with online game play - and also upconverts standard DVD's!!! Not only is that a bargain for a sticker price of either $400 or $500, it's comman sense for the American consumer. Oh, and the PS3 also acts as a music player, simiar to a digital music center (80 gig = 7,500 songs).

These are just the popular features of the PS3. It also has great potencial for allowing HD video and game streaming (no more physical media). Although the big debate is Blue-ray vs HD DVD, the consumer science behind the PS3 will allow Blue-ray to continue to lead the HD battle.

It's true that an HD DVD has comparable specs to a Blue-ray DVD, possibly even better based on it's simplicity. So, to all the Pro-HD-DVD folks out there steaming right now - I agree based on the information I have received that HD DVD out performs Blu-ray. So, one would think that HD DVD should be the obvious winner in the HD race, but, guess what? It still won't win, even with slightly better technology at a better price point. Here's why:

If you show an American consumer (average being a middle-class white male for these types of technology purchases) an HD DVD player for $300 (a great price from what I have seen), or a PS3 with all of the previousely mentioned capabilites for about $100 bucks more, what do you think will happen? The customer buys the PS3 more often than not.

If you have a consumer that just wants an HD DVD player, it will probably split 50/50. The blue ray player keeps up with the HD DVD player, even though it's higher priced, because there are currently more Blu-ray titles on store shelves.

So, that's why the Blu-ray DVD's are out selling HD Dvd's 3-to-1, based on the numbers post black friday.

Bottom line - Blue ray will either "win" the HD race, or continue to lead until HD DVD comes out with more HD titles than Blue ray, or they start offering the HD DVD player free with the purchase of an XBox 360. Even then, the PS3 is more space saving as the player is built in. The XBox 360 HD DVD player is an external unit. One more strike against HD DVD.

I would like to place my vote with Blue-ray please. (And no - I don't work for Sony)

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