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Default Pretty good point

Originally Posted by Scottnot View Post
Right, but because the HD/BR philes are so phanatic, they convinced you to spend $99 bucks for something that you could have picked up for <$50.
Or if you really wanted a freebie, you could have spent $120 and picked up an upscaler that also had the capability to burn DVDs.

In my humble average joe opinion, I see no reason to spend any money for the capability to play HD DVD that I have no intention of either buying or renting. Give me a DVDR anyday.

I think one thing holding back HD DVD and BlurRay is the lack of stand alone recorders. With that said, when they finally DO come out with them, the Sony's probably will only allow recording of commercials (copy protection) and they all will be costly both for the unit and the media.

So really, buying a DVDR that upscales makes a lot of sense. Still I would like to own a HD DVD some day, but feel no pressing need right now.

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