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Default The war is between high def & standard def, not HD-DVD and BD

The point I was trying to make in my previous post is that the real battle is getting people to move from SD-DVD to high def movies (and television). The battle between HD-DVD and BD is (IMO) a sideshow.

The point I was trying to make is that even if we had one format, we would not be much better off than we are right now, and might possibly be worse off. If HD-DVD had never been invented, where would BD player prices be right now? How about disk prices? IMO the competition has forced both formats to cut prices and improve quality.

So what has to happen to move either or both formats along?
(1) HD television must become the norm in more homes.
(2) Both BD & HD-DVD must overcome the perception that upconverted SD-DVD = high def.
(3) Prices must drop for both the players and the movies.

Look at what fuzzynoise wrote in his post. He has an HD-DVD player and doesn't plan to buy HD-DVDs because when he compared the HD-DVD picture to the upconverted, it wasn't enough of an improvement (in his opinion, which is the only one that counts) to justify paying $30 for HD-DVD vs $17 for SD-DVD.

Back to my point. Fuzzynoise has an HD-DVD player and a high def television, but he is NOT planning on buying HD-DVD movies. Why? Because of of the price of movies. Would HD-DVD (or BD) going away change this? Not unless movie prices drop.

A lot of energy is being wasted on this war, and the focus is on the wrong place. The enemy is SD-DVD, not BD or HD-DVD. If BD or HD-DVD fails, IMO it could kill high def movies, not make things better. John Public might very well assume that the other format was right behind in failing as well, then make that a fact by only buying the "safe" alternative, SD-DVD.
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