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Originally Posted by fuzzynoise View Post
I'm just an average Joe....I bought an HD-DVD ($99 Walmart) player because I wanted an upconverting DVD player for my new HDTV (I figured what the heck...having the ability to play a few HD-DVDs wasn't a bad 'freebie')...

The higher cost of the HD-DVDs, for me, isn't worth it. But I'm not a videophile either...just a regular Joe who likes to watch movies from time to time....
Right, but because the HD/BR philes are so phanatic, they convinced you to spend $99 bucks for something that you could have picked up for <$50.
Or if you really wanted a freebie, you could have spent $120 and picked up an upscaler that also had the capability to burn DVDs.

In my humble average joe opinion, I see no reason to spend any money for the capability to play HD DVD that I have no intention of either buying or renting. Give me a DVDR anyday.
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