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Some of the best upconverting DVD players out there are Hi-Def disc players because of the higher-performance DSP's and overall higher-quality circuitry in both the digital and analog sections needed to play Hi-Def disc formats.

You can actually get an HD DVD player for less money than an upconverting SD player that doesn't do as good a job upconverting SD.

Reminds me of when I got an S-VHS Hi-Fi VCR for less money than a VHS VCR and even though I never used it for S-VHS recording/playback, it looked remarkably better on regular VHS as a result of the higer bandwidth circuitry necessary for S-VHS, along with the S-Video output. People routinely commented how much better tapes looked played back on my VCR.

I don't doubt that some people are waiting out the war, but I never understood the logic. Whatever Hi-Def disc player one buys will continue to play whatever Hi-Def discs one buys. For the same or less money than a decent upconverting SD player, buying an HD DVD player is a no-brainer regardless of what happens in the format war.

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