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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by Bigloww View Post
I would definately try a few more games to see if it is the game that is the major issue. You can go down to Blockbuster and rent a game for like $7 for 10 days. Also a great way to test drive game. Or download a couple free trials on XBL.. I would not put too much into the HDMI cable. You are most likely fine there.

LCD's are prone to blur/lag with fast action motion/games, but it is for the most part minimal now a days. Response times are much better over the last few years and help to minimaize the effects, but not totally eliminate it. And Sharp (6ms) and Samsung (8ms) have 2 of the best RT's in the game. But it is pretty much a standard for all name brands LCD's including Vizio and Olevia to have RT's less than 10 ms... Trying a couple more games would be a big plus. I know there are quite a few 360/PS3 owners out there that game on LCD's (including the 2 you mentioned). They can give more 1st hand than me and my plasma...

I also just recently bought the Sharp LCD 37" and when you hook up an XBOX360 or PS3, the TV goes into what's called "Viper" mode and lowers the 6ms RT down to 2ms... this may be why you are seeing what you are seeing...
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