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What is HD?

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New to your forums, but after a few moments of reading and reviewing, I believe I'm in the right place. I'm quoting a previous post because I feel I fall into a similar situation.

I recently purchased a DVI cable to connect my PC (p4, w/NVIDIA Gforce4 Ti4800 w/latest NVIDIA drivers) to my Mitsubishi WS-48413 48" projection HDTV.

Using instructions provided with the new NVIDIA drivers, I've been able to at least get a picture to appear on the HDTV, albeit a flickering one with very small, non-readable text. I'm also attempting to do 1920x1080i. The TV is capable of 1080i/480i/480p, but not 720p.

I actually got a nice looking picture, albeit with gigantic text and little to no real-estate on the desktop when I tried the 480p mode.

My question is: given my current TV and PC video card, is there a happy medium where I can achieve a spartan desktop size (perhaps 800x600 or even 1024/768) with legible text?

Pardon my ignorance and thanks for your help
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