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Default The format war doesn't have much impact right now

Lets suppose that HD-DVD immediately agrees to stop production and puts 100% of it's resources behind BD. All studios line up behind BD. All stores agree to stock only BD high def movies. This is exactly what Chris is proposing, and I am saying it would not make much of a difference.

Do sales of players and disks go up? A little. I know several HD television owners who are waiting out the format war, and they might jump in. I wouldn't buy a BD player till a 2.0 BD player is available, but I am going to do that anyway, regardless of the status of the war.

But what about John Q. Public? Does the fact that BD is the only high def format available make him want to go out and buy a $399 player for his analog television? No.

The truth of the matter is that one format right now really doesn't make much difference because the real war is against SD-DVDs.

It doesn't matter who started the war. It doesn't matter if there is one or two (or three or four) high def formats. What does matter is high def television percentages in the general population and player / movie pricing.

Lets make one more assumption, just for fun. Lets assume that the government GIVES every family in the nation a 50" HD television. Gives it to them. Lets also assume that the government GIVES each family a BD player. Will BD movie sales go up? Yes some, but it will still get it's butt kicked by SD DVD because John Q. Public can buy new releases for CHEAPER than BD movies. He can get older movies for $5.99 on sale all day, and is not going to pay $24.99 at BB for the same movie.
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