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Hey BobY, all your points are very fine, even great . . . except.

Originally Posted by BobY View Post
AFAIK, 720p is defined by the ATSC (and is broadcast at) 1280 x 720 pixels.
Why drag ATSC into it, as the only criteria they place on the display is that it:
. . . has a resolution of approximately twice that of conventional television in both the horizontal (H) and vertical
(V) dimensions and a picture aspect ratio (H × V) of 16:9. ITU-R Recommendation 1125 further defines “HDTV quality” as the delivery of a television picture which is subjectively identical with the interlaced HDTV studio standard.
Hasn't that always been your position anyway regarding discussions about "true HD", "full HD", and the like; doesn't it apply here as well?
Wouldn't it have been easier to simply point out that they all display at 768p anyway? At least that would have kept the burr out of my saddle.

The bottom line is, it won't be too long before all HD displays are 1080p . . .
mmmm, eventually, yes, but "it won't be long" . . . . I don't know.
My guess; <32", 32", even 37"; perhaps 10 years; perhaps longer.
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