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Kent Martens
What is HD?

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You have to be careful using arguments like this: HDTV bandwidth is the same as same as old analog bandwidth. That's because of compression. The fact that you can fit four SDTV programs into the same space is also because of compression. Also, Broadcasters are continually adding new equipment. The switch to Betacam from film twenty years ago was to same on costs. We've since moved from Betacam to BetacamSP and now to Betacam SX. It all gives lower cost or greater flexibility, the same thing. A lot of cameras are now convertible from 4x3 to 16x9. Even if they don't record in HD, the quality is such that upconversion is less of a problem than you would think. Canadian broadcasters are well on the way to full HD and the addition of a relativly minor piece of gear like a cable box or satellite tuner won't get in the way. DVD watching is already driving the move to HD ready sets even without HD-DVD.
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