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Originally Posted by JMCIII View Post
There's was no consumer push for HDTV . . .
How true, but there has hardly been an inovative product that resulted from simple consumer demand. Rather it has been technilogical inovation and more recently marketing that has in just about all cases created consumer demand where none existed.

. . . it was forced on us by the goverment (who are repaying a debt owed to big business and not out of any noble ideals).
Even a cursory review of the history of television over the last 50 years would certainly not bear out this conclusion. Once the PAL system became established throughout most of Western Europe it became painfully obvious that the NTSC was inferior and doomed. In more recent years the development of technology standards and products in various parts of the world have made it clear that, if nothing else, the US would be a laughing stock in the realm of consumer technology if the issue of having the world's worst television system was not addressed. Like just about any other country that I can think of, the airwaves and television are under the auspicies of some branch of the government, so it became necessary for the FCC to address the issue, which they did. Now, it certainly seems that most consumers have embraced this new technology, and I rather doubt that very many would view it as some evil that was forced on them by their government for ignoble reasons, rather out of the necessity that it actually was/is.
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