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Exclamation New 5-LNB DirecTV Dish wiring???

I have a new installation coming up 11/18/07 from DTV for an HR20 upgrade from my HR10-250, which will include a new 5-LNB dish.

When they installed my HR10 about a year ago, DTV also installed a 3-LNB dish, using 2 additional RG6 cables and a Zinwell 4X8 multiswitch to include my other two SD Philips DVR's. I intend to keep all 4 DVR's active.

My question is this - will the installer need to add any more RG6 cables because of the 5-LNB dish or does that dish only require my existing 4 RG6's? I suspect if it does need two more cables, DTV will supply a Zinwell 6X8.

If more cables are required, I'm going to have to find additional 'entrance' room for them, along with inside routing space between now and the installation.

So far on other forums, no one has come up with an answer!

HELP - Please


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