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Default Plasma DVI resolution problem

I know I will not have this problem while using VGA, but since I use Dual View I have my VGA already in use for an LCD Beamer at 1024x768 (4:3 only) and the beamer does not carry a DVI port. So I am forced to use the DVI on the plasma to be able to run another resolution on that screen.
I saw in powerstrip that the plasma has 3 resolution timings available when in stby (something low, 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080). When the plasma is switched on, I get many more available resolution to choose from.
I was able to create a custom resolution in my nVidia drivers yesterday so now the PC reboots in 1360x768. Unfortunately when I turn on the plasma after the reboot is finished, the plasma comes up in 1920x1080, because that is probably the one closest to what was possible when the plasma was still in stby. To fix this back to 1360x768, I have to change the resolution once in my display settings, and back again to 1360x768. This is really anoying, but only happens after a reboot with the plasma in stby.
Isn't it possible to add the 1360x768 resolution to the list of possibilities when the plasma is in stby? Or is it possible to get rid of the autodetect function that DVI has (maybe cut a line in the cable or so)?
Another question that will pop up soon is what will happen when I connect my PC's DVI out to the new Onkyo NR5000E with a HDMI port. The plasma will then be connected to the Onkyo on the HDMI out. I wonder what resolutions will be available with the Onkyo in stby and/or in on and what will the plasma do depending on the input source the onkyo has selected. The Onkyo is capable of putting all analogue signals out on the HDMI port, so even my CVBS VCR signal will be outputted through the HDMI port. What will the plasma do?
I take it, not many people can answer these questions and hopefully I will be able to that soon, but it is a big risk to buy expensive equipment not really knowing how all the components will react. Maybe my resolution problem will be resolved after installing the Onkyo in between the (PC) DVI -> HDMI (Onkyo) HDMI -> DVI (Plasma) lines.
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