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Default Resolution problems at bootup with plasma off

I am new to this forum, but hopefully someone can help me.

I have a NEC Plasma 50" 50XR4 (Their newest model with DVI and 1080i)
I have connected my PC to the screen. The PC carries an nVidia MX4000 with both VGA and DVI outputs. I connected a 15"TFT to the VGA output and have set the videocard to Dual View so I can run two different resoltions on both screens. The 15" TFT runs on 1024x768 (4:3) and the NEC runs on 1360x768 (true 16:9).
If I reboot the PC with the plasma on, everything is fine and the resolution comes up in 1360x768, but if I reboot the PC with the plasma off, the PC starts in 1280x720 and as long as the plasma stays off, there is no way to change this resolution into 1360x768. I can change the resolution back to 1360x768 after I have turned the plasma on.
This tells me a couple of things: nVidia is capable of displaying 1360x768 and there is some autodetect thing going on on the DVI port. When the plasma is off, not all resolutions are detected.

How can I force my PC to come up in 1360x768 on my second screen (the plasma)?
I tried forcing it using powerstrip, but I got the same results.
This situation is very annoying and there must be a way to get this right. I will even buy a new videocard if someone can tell me that that is a good solution. I am running XP SP2 and I got the latest GForce nVidia drivers installed.

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