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Originally Posted by platedoctor View Post
new to all of this hd stuff, so what would be the easiest for a non tech savy guy. i will use it on a samsung 40" lnt 4053, and also can anybody tell me what settings would produce the best picture for this tv
1. What are you talking about?

2. Are you asking what is the easiest way to update the firmware?

Easiest: Connect your Ethernet cable to the player and go to General, Maintenance, Update. Click ok and go through the instructions.

Easier: Download the Firmware update and burn it to a CD-R, and put that into the HD DVD player and install the update this way.

Easy: Call Toshiba and ask them to send you a firmware update disc.

3. To get the best picture possible you should not just ask for setting preferences because everyone is different. Purchase DVE, AVIA, Etc... calibration DVD's and go through the program and set it up to your specs.
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