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What is HD?

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Default Pixellation Details for DNS Tech...

First of all, thanks for the response. I am copying your questions and my answers below. The last two technicians that came to my house told they would love to help but did not know how. They suggested I change services...

On the issue of which dish... I started with two Dual-LNB dish 500 series several years ago. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. I recently switched to HD. The technician installing the HD said I didn't need to the DISH 1000.2. He aimed my downstairs dish at Sat 129 and removed an LNB. He then ran the cable to the other dish and connected via some type of splitter/joiner to the cable going to my downstairs system. The other dish remained dual-LNB for Sat 110 and Sat 119. Now, instead of having two cables to each system, I have one cable to each system that is then split at the dual receivers. My downstairs receiver is a dual vip722 and the upstairs is an SB dual receiver.

Now to the questions:
1) What city/state are you in? Alpharetta, Georgia

2) Please give me signal strengths on the following sat's and transponders.
On the 110, advise 11(67), 14(74), 19(66), 21(70)
On the 119, advise 11(80), 14(76), 19(86), 20(77), 21(82)
On the 129, advise 4(56), 5(47), 13(52), 14(not an available transponder choice), 19(51), 27(39), 30(53)

Note that you may not have signal strengths on all of these transponders, and some may be quite low relative to others. One or two may even say 'spotbeam'. If not, see if you can find one on the 110 sat that say's spotbeam and advise the strength on that as well.

SPOTBEAM on 110 was Trans 29 and Trans 31 with strengths of 8 and 12 respectively. None of the other ones that you gave me to check said SpotBeam...

3) What are your weather conditions like at the time of reading - clear sky, light cloud cover, rain, etc...

Perfect clear blue sky with very light wind....

4) Is the problem also happening on TV2? YES, on HD Locals. Problems occurs on VIP722 TV1 and TV2 on Local HD. According to DISH, this is Sat 129 Transponder 4 in my area.

Any other receivers in the house you can check? Note that your HD channels are available on all receivers - they are simply downconverted to SD.

No problem on the SD TV's upstairs as nothing coming from SAT129 is upstairs. All standard def....

5) Does the screen freeze for several seconds or more, possibly go black, and then return - or is it just small squares temporarily messing up the picture? Does the audio cut out as well?

Generally, there is a lot of pixellation going to green octets on the screen with audio interruption if the pixellation is really bad, followed a black screen of death and then everything comes back on, both Audio and Video. This happens in ALL types of weather.... And I mean ALL types of weather. And it is intermittent. In any given one hour period, it will happen 2-10 times.

When the original guy came out to convert me to HD, he said that they quit using the elliptical dishes and that my 500's would be fine. If it's worth a shot, I will call them back and get them to change it. I am desparate. I am really tired of going through the 1-hour phone calls with DISH to get something done and then the guy shows up and does nothing. If there is anything that you think I should try, I'll do it. Just let me know. And thanks for the help.
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