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Originally Posted by 360kid View Post
True, he prob does have choices and yes he should have done some research. But at the same time, I can understand his confusion. He gets a package, even if he looks online and sees the package he gets, to the quick look he probably didn't notice there were less channels now. I don't blame him for not spending an hour flipping through his tv and comparing every channel to that of what is depicted online. Like him, I too would assume that if I have the family package, and I see the family package online, I wouldn't know there have been changes made to it.

It just would have been nice if the DTV rep would have recognized that he had a grandfathered plan and that the Family package has changed and now has less channels to it than when he first signed up for it.

I cannot comment on his attitude though. I can just see his fristration, how was he supposed to know his plan has changed??? Maybe DTV should send out letters to customers when plans change and let them know about it??? Obviously this guy has been a customer for some time, atleast they could do is let him know the plan he has had for the last x number of years has changed.
I'm sure all the proper attempts were made to inform this guy, and those attempts were promptly thrown in the trash.
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