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'I've just stumbled on 'high def forum' and decided to join after having read several threads about problems with dish network systems. I happen to be a dish network technician, and I hope I can help answer some questions, particularly this pixelation issue which does come up rather often.

Here we go, first off - it -does- sound like a signal strength issue. Since you have a new install, I'm going to assume you have the 1000.2 dish w/1000.2 LNB. The 1000.2 -is- rather tricky to point for peak performance. "LovesToWatch" said it well - pointing this dish requires patience, experience, and proper equipment. It is quite a bit more difficult than our 500 dish's. Anyhow, before going off on tangents, I have a few questions to ask to help isolate the issue and give you a meaningful response.

1) What city/state are you in?

2) Please give me signal strengths on the following sat's and transponders.
On the 110, advise 11, 14, 19, 21
On the 119, advise 11, 14, 19, 20, 21
On the 129, advise 4, 5, 13, 14, 19, 27, 30

Note that you may not have signal strengths on all of these transponders, and some may be quite low relative to others. One or two may even say 'spotbeam'. If not, see if you can find one on the 110 sat that say's spotbeam and advise the strength on that as well.

3) What are your weather conditions like at the time of reading - clear sky, light cloud cover, rain, etc...

4) Is the problem also happening on TV2? Any other receivers in the house you can check? Note that your HD channels are available on all receivers - they are simply downconverted to SD. So if your TV or other receivers do not pixelate when your 622 TV1 does, we're talking about a different issue entirely than signal strength.

5) Does the screen freeze for several seconds or more, possibly go black, and then return - or is it just small squares temporarily messing up the picture? Does the audio cut out as well?

I may have more questions, but the more info you can give me about the above will help paint a much better picture of the situation.
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