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If you have older E86 or similar and on lowest tier family package with HD upgrade, WATCH OUT! I endured a six hour nightmare yesterday that ended up with the "new" H20 being deactivated at 11 PM and my old MPEG2 relit and back in business. Trouble is, their shell game takes away ESPNHD and more when you "upgrade." I would have to pay an extra $13 a month to get back to where I had been for years on the old MPEG2 plans. They don't tell you this up front and "apologize for inconvenience" when confronted with their bait and switch tactics. They also got nasty saying "all sales final" and threatened to ruin my credit with a $500 termination charge. Eventually they backed down to a "three day grace period" and will send me an empty box to ship the H20 back with no harm no foul. They told me to keep the new 5L dish at no charge. It took five of their people spread across three calls over a six hour period to get me a semblance of what I had before at the same price. DO NOT believe the glowing testimonials of 38 HD channels for the same price. It is a lie. If you have an upgrade scheduled, cancel it while there is time and be happy with what you have. The more people who keep MPEG2, the longer they will have to wait before shutting it down. Dig in! --Tom in Tucson
You know, I know your not telling the truth here and I hope people dont buy into your BS, its 9.99 for hd access and you lost 4 (smithsonian being the only one worth anything) HD channels and gained 38. If the four HD only channels are that important to you it would be worth the 4.99 to have them.

Sounds to me like it would have been fixed with ease. There are a few glitches in the system but most people just call up and ask what’s wrong not ask why dtv is persecuting them LOL.

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