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Life Without HD Sucks
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Still, do you math and compare to cable. When I had TWC, UHD, HDNET, & HDNET Movies was not in my HD package, unless I paid another $7.00/month. And that was 3 years ago. D* is starting to do this, but they waited a lot longer.

In order for me to have the same package (only less HD) I would have to pay a lot more, and get less. Not to mention that in 3 years of HD with TWC, they promised me from the beginning that they were going to add more HD. And in that time, I NEVER received even one.

Add up having all the channels, 3 DVR's etc., and I would be paying $45.00/month more the get even close with TWC. Not to mention that wonderful "Universal Connectivity Charge" you pay with cable & phone that does not apply to Sats.

So bitch if you must, but apples for apples D* kills on programming. However if you want VOIP Phone, & internet, cable might be the way to go.
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