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3D Problems: Crosstalk (Image Ghosting) Explained [in layman's terms]

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Post 3D Problems: Crosstalk (Image Ghosting) Explained [in layman's terms]

[in layman's terms, or as simple or as defined as possible, given the advanced terms in the definition]

Crosstalk (or image ghosting) is a 3D-stereoscopic (stereoscopic, meaning two-images (left and right or A & B) emulating/creating a three-dimensional image illusion) distortion that is created due to perceptual factors (how the image is viewed). Those factors can included physical depth from the screen, the viewing angle of the screen or the angle of the viewer's eyes (laying on a couch), image quality (as reproduced by the tv, or the video source altogether), and TV technology (such as the previously aforementioned thread about fast-decaying phosphors in plasma TVs).

What crosstalk/image ghosting looks like:
When viewing a 3D source on a 3DTV (3D glasses dependent) without glasses, a double-image or image ghost (often blurry image) is experienced. Blurriness in the 3D image will be greater in instances where the augmented visual depth is greater (i.e.: when viewing a 3D image of a landscape, or an image with large linear difference such as a hallway).
However, when the 3D glasses are worn, if you still see ghosting (or doubling of the image), THAT is crosstalk.

Experiencing crosstalk is subjective in nature, as individual human factors in perception can influence results [i.e.: a human's spatial difference between eyes (how distant your eyes are from each other), visual acuity (20/20 vision, etc.)]. This method of viewing and evaluating 3D is inferior to lab testing measures (crosstalk cannot be tested persay). So, accuracy and precision of measuring crosstalk is strictly point-of-view.

BUT!! That does not discount the fact that you, the customer, and your opinions of which brand is better at reproducing 3D is the correct one. After all, you will be watching that TV, not me (the salesman).

In conclusion, do not get lost in all the hoopla about each 3DTV and their brand's marketing scheme. Just note, that there are issues with 1st and 2nd generation 3DTV technologies as they are in their infant stages. As 3D technologies progress, visual distortion will be reduced, but problems will always exist.
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Cross talk is one of the most important attributes of 3D image quality.

In flat panels, Panasonic's VT25 series has the least cross talk. For front projectors LG's CF3D wins with their new single lens passive glasses 3D projector.


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oooohhh!!! so thats what i've been seeing lately!! HUGE help dude, thanks for the simple explanation, today i viewed a samsung pnc7000 (plasma) in 3D while watching monsters vs aliens and even when wearing the samsung 3d glassess i still saw some what of a faded ghost image behind characters, then i went to another store and saw a samsung UNC7000 (LED-LCD) in 3D playing the same freaking movie and yet didnt notice the "crosstalk".. i always thought it was something that you had to "let your eyes get use to" ... then again i have really bad eyes needed contracts and i have a touch of astigmatism
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I have noticed pretty bad crosstalk with side by side sources (Xbox 360, FIOS cable box) on my Sony 46EX720. It is not visible with Frame Packing sources, the official Sony 3D method. I would not really recommend this TV for 3D for this reason, unless you own all sony products.
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thanks for a simple explanation, really appreciate
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does that mean that using active shutter glass system is very unlikely to have cross talk problems?
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Originally Posted by chakflying View Post
does that mean that using active shutter glass system is very unlikely to have cross talk problems?
Crosstalk can still occur, and will. There is settings to reduce or elliminate it. Best way for every video/game you are gazing at is to hit pause at the main content, and then adjust 3d settings until it diminishes. I own a Sammy plasma C7000. It's been the only way to reduce it. I also adjust the judder settings which also seems to help, game mode helped in some instances.
Granted, if you are die hard, and worried about pic quality, some of the settings can/will degrade pic quality.
also, one more thing, raise the brightness lower the contrast... seems to help a little also.
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