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Blu-Ray Faces a Solid Five Years of Growth Thanks To 3D, Says Research

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Arrow Blu-Ray Faces a Solid Five Years of Growth Thanks To 3D, Says Research

Blu-Ray Faces a Solid Five Years of Growth Thanks To 3D, Says Research

Saturday, 02 October 2010 22:10 Philip Boyok

Blu-ray player sales for the full year 2010 will total 24 million, well over double the total sales of 2009, Futuresource Consulting said in its annual Blu-ray and DVD Hardware Performance report today, and the growth is only expected to continue.These figures suggest that Blu-ray still has a solid footing, despite the growing chorus of dissenters who think that Blu-ray has no future.In an interview last week, Microsoft UK executive Stephen McGill said, "Blu-ray is going to be passed by as a format. People have moved through from DVDs to digital downloads and digital streaming, so we offer full HD 1080p Blu-ray quality streaming instantly, no download, no delay. So, who needs Blu-ray?"Blu-ray's sustainability isn't about being a high definition format any more, Futuresource says. But instead, it's about being a vehicle for 3D content in the home. Because of the advent of 3D technologies, Futuresource is predicting five years of growth for Blu-ray.

"Sales of HD-capable and 3D-capable TVs, coupled with dramatic reductions in BD player prices are continuing to fuel interest," Jack Wetherill, Research Consultant at Futuresource said today. "Add to that the burgeoning 3D Blu-ray market segment, and we'll see the format continue to gather momentum in all major markets across the globe."

Futuresource estimates at least 10% of all Blu-ray players shipping this year are 3D-capable, and next year, that total will rise to 25%. By 2014, the research company estimates 40% of homes in the US, Western Europe, and Japan will have a 3D Blu-ray player, recorder or home theater.Interestingly, Futuresource does not even tally the PlayStation 3, which is not only the most prominent Blu-ray player, but also the only vehicle for 3D gaming currently available to consumers. 3D Gaming, according to the Consumer Electronics Association is a cornerstone to 3D home adoption, potentially more important than 3D broadcast television. In a survey released in March, the CEA found consumers were actually more likely to use a 3D TV for playing games than for watching 3D TV shows.In June, Sony released a firmware upgrade to its PlayStation 3 console that added support for stereoscopic gaming. At E3 2010, the company listed more than 15 games that will be released in 3D next year.

source: betanews.com
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I would think a lot more than 10% of Blu-ray players shipping in 2010 are 3D capable. Blu-ray may continue to grow the next 5 years but it isn't going to be very big despite 3D is the way it looks to me now, nothing like I thought when the product launched over 4 years ago. Any guesses as to how big 3D for the home will be are not meaningful yet, it isn't doing well at all so far.
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It certainly explains WHY they are moving now to 3D though. I doubt 1080p and SD audio will look and sound close to BD PQ/SQ, but for many who are just going to HDTVs from SDTVs it will probably look "good enough".

The problem is the bandwidth caps most ISPs are starting to put on their plans now. This will end up costing more in the long run than most people think and people might get some shell shock effect when they see their first ISP bill with the charges on it, along with having to pay just to rent it each each time.

I think MS is expecting too much additional bandwidth being available sooner than it will be, and that ISPs will increase those caps. I just do not see it for probably another 10 years in the USA.
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