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View Poll Results: 3D technology.. Here to say, or just hype
Here To Stay 41 53.25%
Just Hype (Will fade like HD-DVD) 36 46.75%
Voters: 77. You may not vote on this poll

3D Movies.... Love to watch, or just HYPE.

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Old 07-26-2011, 01:35 PM   #181  
What is HD?

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3d is here to stay.... its just gonna get bigger and better...

HD DVD's obviously didn't last very long... so 3d already has it beat... i don't think it can even be compared.... From the days of red and blu 3d glasses in cartoons ....to active shutter technology and being able to watch it from my own living room.

I'm not saying everyone needs to go out and get a 3d tv now but i am saying that its growing and as more ppl get 3d tv's (which they will because its not that expensive) they will release more and more movies and television in 3d format.
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Old 07-26-2011, 08:51 PM   #182  
The universe is UHD.
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Default 3d

Indeed, I hope 3D .IS. here to stay, because, as Kate said, it will only get better and better. However, if it does founder and die out, at least I have the pleasure and enjoyment of viewing it as long as it is here. IMHO, anyone who hasn't seen SPORTS in 3D has missed something very wonderful to behold. . . And ESPN 3D goes FULL TIME on DIRECTV tomorrow !! . . . .
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Old 01-09-2012, 04:43 AM   #183  
the bigger the better
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Originally Posted by spyder_21 View Post

Plus the price tag for new tech is always high, so if it takes 2-3 years for the price to come down on the 3D TV's, will companies still be interested in it at that time, or would it of faded by then?

Now if they made a front projector , that had long bulb life of 100,000 hours, that was 3Dready, then I would be all over that.
Totally with you there! I just wish, it was a bit more comfortable to watch 3D. If it was on a big screen and I maybe had some kind of sorround 3D glasses set, like a helmet or something, that would be grand. Right now I always get a headache with the glasses and most of the movies I've watched in 3D were just shot in the format without it really counting into any of the pictures (for example: Harry Potter 7/2: The only time I was conscious of the 3D use was the ending scene with the ash particles flowing around... which was also not a very nice experience)

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