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Originally Posted by thomash85715 View Post
The entire point of the four minutes another poster regretted wasting on this is that nobody is getting 40 channels for $10. That is the big lie and the predatory business practice I believe is unfair. Several CSR DTV people repeated that "promise" over and over on the phone to get me to schedule the upgrade. Then during the download and update, I watched channel after channel come up "not available at this level" or words to that effect. ESPNHD actually did appear for a while, then got yanked "live" before my eyes. Ten HD channels including ESPNHDx2 for $10 is one thing; more like twelve but not including ESPNHD at all for what amounts to $23 is quite another and that is the real world outcome they don't tell you about.
actually it is 40 would u like me to name them? its like they say "u cant please them all" this would be a perfect example, especially considering the majority are very happy with directv for pulling through on their promise so far

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