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Originally Posted by thomash85715 View Post
If you all want to keep spending and spending more money and feeding the machine, go ahead. It encourages them (DTV) to increase price and take away product.
Launching new birds costs big bucks. So your going to see an increase in price.

I understand 100% what you are trying to say. On the other hand your opinion is balanced on what you believe the new service is worth. You dont like what your getting for the extra money. If that is the case then you are doing the right thing in going back to your MPEG2 lineup.

I for once in a long time, am not bothered by my bill for TV service. I feel I am getting my monies worth.......thats just me.

Also as for the MPEG4 picture quality. You are going to have to give it time. These networks have to start producing their shows in HD, not upconverting their SD collection. They are getting there......the "world" is going HD
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