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Default Intellectual Dishonesty Reigning Supreme

In insane society a sane man would appear insane and the postings over the last few hours prove it. Direct Quote from DirecTV just now on the phone: "There is no $5 extra HD package. There is only the ones we have had all along. On december 15, there will be a $5 extra charge for HDNet because we are moving it to the extra package. You never had ESPNHD in your old package." Even though I did actually watch it for over a year. So stop attacking me for relating the facts as they have happened to me. Stop making fun of me like you are superior. If you all want to keep spending and spending more money and feeding the machine, go ahead. It encourages them (DTV) to increase price and take away product. I reserve the right to express my opinion on the topic. Many have related similar problems with D* telling multiple tales at various times. This is just another in a long string. At no time have I made any references to any other posters specifically or their sanity. Stop abusing me with personal attacks.
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