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I wish people would read the whole thing and not zero in on one word or phrase. Obviously people who lead the pack as early adopters of anything are smart and inquisitive. The issue I have is with the predatory practices of a business that has different plans for different zip codes or that test how stupid they think the customer is. If other forum members got a different and better deal than me, why am I bad person for pointing it out? If supposedly smart people can be duped out of their money by a faceless monolithic bird in the sky, there is something unfair about that. The old package was fine; it should not have been changed and I should have been told the pitfalls to make informed decision. None of that happened. To keep this on topic: the picture on some of the "new" channels was fine, but some were obviously upconverted and second rate. "Wanting a thing to be so does not make it so" as spoken by T'Pal on Enterprise. We all want this MPEG4 to be worthy of the promise. But that does not make it worthy.
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